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My Book: Self as Computer, is published on March 6th 2015. [pdf]


Visions and Dreams of Technopia

In Self as Computer, Alan Radley looks at the computer not as a tool, or as a bicycle-for-the-mind, but simply as self. He argues that humans are becoming so enmeshed with the computer, in terms of how we think, act and communicate; that soon it may no longer be possible to identify where the self ends, and the computer begins, and vice-versa. Predicted by some, are marvellous benefits for technology; in terms of enhancements to our social, creative and personal lives.

But already clear, is that not all of the associated problems lie in the realm of speculation. One example, is that the Internet is moving ever further away from the free and open system as foreseen by its original designers; whereby citizens are routinely censored, hacked and/or spied upon. Other questions arise; such as who builds today’s systems, and in what sense(s) are they useful, humane or democratic?

Explored are human-friendly designs for the computers of tomorrow, whereby the wishes, plans and actions of society may be aligned to benefit all.

Emerging Self-Computer
Hyper-Media / Hyper-Thoughts
Augmented / Virtual Realities
Cyborgs, Robots and Automata
Surveillance / Hacking / Privacy
Artificial / Simulated Intelligence
Natural + Machine-Implanted Thoughts
World-Brain + Freedom of Thought / Action
3D User Interfaces / Wearables + Smart-Things
Mechanised-Dystopia / Technopia + Techno-rights
Ethical, Moral and Spiritual dimension(s) of Computers

Self-as-Computer (400 pages) is available from Amazon; and has 1000 illustrations.

The Self as Computer website is available here.


Keynote talk: Circuits of Thought, at the International Conference on Multimedia, Scientific Information and Visualization for Information Systems and Metrics. Andalucina, Malaga, January 28, 2015. [pdf]

Talk: Efficient and Effective Thought-Spaces, at the International Conference on Software and Emerging Technologies for Education, Culture, Entertainment and Commerce. Venice, March 11, 2015. [pdf]

Talk: TBD, at the International Symposium on Communicability, Computer Graphics and Innovative Design for Interactive Systems. Madrid, Spain, May 29, 2015. [pdf]


Keynote talk: Self as Computer, at the International Symposium on Communicability and Innovative Design. Venice, May 23, 2014. [pdf]

Keynote talk: Electric Men, at the International Conference on Information Architecture, Cloud & Security. Rome, July 28, 2014.

Keynote talk: Natural-Thoughts, Freedom and Atomic Networks.
Fifth International Workshop in HCI, San Marino, Italy, Sept 15. [pdf]

Keynote talk: Machine Implanted-Thoughts. Fifth International Conference on New Technologies, Cordoba, Argentina, Nov 10. [pdf]


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Author of two chapters in: Blue-Herons Computing Handbook: Strategies for a Creative Future with Computer Science, Quality Design and Communicability.

Co-Editor of : Blue-Herons Computing Handbook: New Challenges in Computer Graphics, Robot Vision, Visual Interfaces and Information Sciences.

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